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Small 4wd car

Useful tips on how to choose the right 4wd car

Many car enthusiasts today are switching to a small 4wd for the main reasons of comfort and safety. We can not blame them. A small 4wd provides a car owner the luxury and comfort and the ability to reach destinations that many other vehicles do not offer. But you must not rush buying a 4wd without first making sure of what is it that you really want in this kind of vehicle and evaluating various options. Buying a 4wd is a major decision which should not be taken lightly without the right amount of research. You must determine if the vehicle you want to buy can satisfy the requirements you have in mind and fit your lifestyle and personality.

The first thing you need to do is discuss the matter with your family, if you have one. Remember, you will be using your hard-earned money on this purchase, an expenditure that will have a significant impact on your family's budget. Also discuss with your family what type of 4wd vehicle they want. It's not only you who will be using the vehicle but the entire family. Discuss with them the choices and all the details, from the color to the size. And as far as the size of the vehicle is concerned, make sure it fits the size of your family. Are you a family of three, four or six? There are 4wd vehicles that can accommodate a good number of people, and there also 4wds that are only suitable for a limited number of passengers.

Before you buy a 4wd, whether it's a big 4wd or a small 4wd, there are a few important questions that you must ask yourself. Among these questions are the following: why do I want a 4wd? How many will be using it regularly? What's the amount I am willing to spend on it? What do I prefer, diesel- or petrol-driven engine? The answers to these questions will determine what type of 4wd you need.

Important Tips To Consider

Other than on-the-road driving, a 4wd is best when taking it to off-road driving. Going to a campsite or driving off a highway is best for a compact wagon. But a compact wagon has limitations when it's in the bush. The Jimny and the Grand Vitara of Suzuki, the Mitsubishi Pajero iO and the Kia Sportage are some of the 4wds that are best in going places that are impossible for a CR-V.

You can settle for a small 4wd if it's only you and your partner you are going to use it regularly. Choosing for a large 4wd would be impractical. But if you need a much bigger vehicle for extreme descents and climbs, or if you want to conquer rough terrain and outback sand dune, the best choice would be Patrol, the Prado, Jeep Cherokee, or Land Rover Discovery/Range Rover would be the right choice. These vehicles offer long-range fuel tanks, especially the Toyota's, which has the capability of taking more than 140 liters of fuel. Other luxury 4wds, such as Audi's Allroad Quattro and the BMW's X5 offer a limited off-road capability.

Most 4wds, be it a small 4wd or a big one, are able to tow up to the recommended weight of the manufacturers, as long as they observe the tow bar and ball weight limits. Before towing anything with your new car, check first the car/trailer combination you are interested in if it's compatible so that you will not find yourself stuck.

Size Matters

So, what's size do you want for your new beauty? Is it a small 4wd that you want or something big enough for a family to fit in? Your choice would depend greatly on the number of people who will be using the car and on the amount of gadget, gear or equipment to be carried. You can find in the market today different sizes of 4 wheel drives. If you want a compact wagon, there are small 4wd vehicles, such as Honda's CR-V, there's Nissan's X-Trail, Toyota's RAV4 and there's Subaru's Forrester. There are also medium-sized wagons, such as Toyota's Land Cruiser, or Mitsubishi's Pajero. If you opt for big wagons, you have ones like the Nissan Patrol.

Brand New or Pre-Owned

Of course, brand new cars cost more than second-hand ones. But they offer advantages, like a warranty, and of course the amazing feeling of being the first person to have owned and used this vehicle. Brand new 4 wheel drive cars also don't require polishing and repairs unlike pre-owned ones. In addition to this, it is also much easier to get a financing plan for a new car.

If you choose a pre-owned vehicle, there are many available 4 wheel drives in the market, whether a small 4wd, or a big-sized one. Other than the luxury, among the cost factors of your car is whether it's petrol or diesel engine that you want. The turbo four wheel drive cars can be more expensive, but they can be a more economical choice at the end of the day.

4WD Finance

If you are longing to own a small 4wd or a big one, and you cannot acquire it in cash, there are many car loans that you can avail yourself of. You just inquire online or from friends about it.

The advantages of choosing a small 4wd vehicle

Among the features of a small 4wd vehicle that makes it most attractive to car enthusiasts is its affordable price. The most efficient small 4wd SUV oftentimes offers a better financial investment than when you spend for a luxury passenger vehicle that's 2wd. And second-hand small 4wd cars will even make it more budget friendly to many budget conscious individuals. They can buy a nice-looking Suzuki small 4wd or other similar vehicles in the class of Compact SUVs.

Another significant advantage of using a small 4wd SUV is its performance. Small 4wd cars offer a much better traction when on road and in bad weather, or when driven over hills and other challenging terrain because all its four wheels get torque simultaneously from the engine. Other vehicles have automatic devices that can detect when conditions on the road require drivers to shift to 4wd from 4wd for a better control. This particular feature is beneficial in winter and during seasonal transitions, when it suddenly rains or snows, making the roads more dangerous.

Shopping For A Small 4wd

When you shop for a small 4wd, it is most helpful if you check small 4wd cars online first. Read reviews about them. There are hundreds of articles and testimonials about small 4wd vehicles in the Internet. Offline, try to get feedbacks from friends and officemates who already own small 4wd vehicles. What one considers as best small 4wd vehicle would be another person's worst choice. The choice is always depends on the one who uses it. That's why the more feedbacks and comments you get, the more you can make a more guided decision. Sometimes, one car enthusiast may already be satisfied with a Jeep while another will never settle for less than what's the best off-road compact SUV in the market.

Checking Out Reviews

Aside from reading reviews and testimonials online, spending time checking out reviews that are published in automobile magazines and journals. These magazines have regular listings of the top-ranking 4wds. These listings are often unbiased opinions of people who are experts in the car industry. They offer ideas about specific 4wd models especially their performance in tough road conditions.

There are plenty of nice car deals available if you search for used 4wd cars on sale, since many owners of original cars would always want to sell their old vehicles in order to upgrade to newer vehicle models. You can also check out the automobile sections of community-selling websites, like Craigslist, for individuals who are selling 4wds. Another excellent place to look for good deals is e-bay, where you can check 4wd SUVs for sale there or being place on auction. Some other buyers will prefer taking the vehicle on a test drive and want to look for vehicles from retail dealers who offer new and old 4wd.

It is important to note that before you sign for a deal and hand over your cash to a dealer, you must learn the following first: Ask for the schedule of maintenance for your vehicle if what you're buying is a used 4wd SUV. If it is a brand new one, try finding out what type of warranty comes with your purchase of the vehicle, both on service and on parts.

The compact 4wd vehicle is one inexpensive choice for any car enthusiast to own a type of vehicle that offers superior traction and excellent performance, especially on inclement weather conditions. Whether you are buying a new or used Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forrester, or Ford Escape, choosing a compact 4wd SUV will always guarantee hours and hours of extreme driving pleasure both on the streets of the big city or on challenging off-road territories.

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